KTM Design are proud to support Diverse City and are sponsored their recent tour 'Becoming' (Spring 2018).

They are an extraordinary company of disabled and non-disabled young performers. Their latest show 'Becoming' is about identity and the reality of growing up. They tell the stories of how it feels to be them, the story of their journeys, how they started and who they are becoming...it is the stories that they want to tell. 


"Everybody should have equal opportunities to train, perform and develop their skills because together we can change the world." - Diverse City


Many young people never get the chance to explore their talent or to find an audience, so Diverse City's company Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists are changing all that. They bring together disabled and non disabled young people to learn together and make shows that change how people think about them.


To find out more about Diverse City and Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists (EBYA), follow this link:


Set Design

Katie Thomas previously worked with Diverse City and Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists on a performance set design project. Katie designed and managed the build of the set, ensuring it was suitable for disabled and non-disabled performers. The set was designed in a modular fashion to ensure it could be taken down and reassembled elsewhere.